What is the best way of eating soup noodles?

There are no set rules. Whatever makes you comfortable.  

Do you

🤍 eat with chopsticks only, slurp hard and finish the noodles in a few gulps.

🤍 eat with chopsticks and a soup soon, one on each hand.

🤍 arrange some noodles systematically on your spoon and eat them spoon by spoon.

🤍 eat with chopsticks and use spoon for the soup, alternately.

🤍 pick up the whole noodle bowl and drink straight from it, (My style!  Loudly too.)

🤍 give the vegetables and meat to someone else and just eat the noodles.

🤍 eat half and claim with a sigh, "Oh, it is too much for me!"

🤍 tuck in when the soup is piping hot and let it fog up your glasses.

🤍 blow on the soup until it is lukewarm.

🤍 add so much chilli sauce that sweat pours down your face.

🤍 take so many selfies that by the time you are ready to eat the noodles, they are nearly all eaten by others.

🤍 share with everybody on the table.

🤍 insist you are not sharing with anybody else.


There is something about soup noodles

There is something about soup noodles, that tells us something about us.

Xiao Cai

Literally called "small dishes" - some hot, often served cold.


All of our noodles are fresh, made every day on our premises.

Dim Sum


Stir Fried



Our Story Begins In Taiwan

After running one of the best Chinese restaurants in Johannesburg for 26 years, Emma Chen decided to go back to her roots and serve food that she grew up with.  Her parents came from the North of China (while rice grows in the South.)  She was brought up on noodles and bread, instead of rice.

Other than the occasional wedding banquets that she and her whole family attended, most of the time they would frequent eateries which serve a few tapas type of dishes (literally called “small dishes”- some hot, often cold.) To her, these are the food for the people.

The abundant use of spring onion, coriander, garlic, chilli and Sichuan pepper corns in the Northern food means that dishes are strong in flavour, yet refreshing at the same time.



Emperor can wait, while you eat