our noodles are now


You know that we have always made our own wheat noodles. 

(The same as we make our own bread, all dumplings, buns and sauces, from scratch.)

The noodles are fresh and healthy.  No funny chemicals.

After much trial and error, we finally managed to make the noodles without eggs and to the standard we are happy with.

We would like to know if you are equally happy with them.  Please leave me a note at emma@pron.restaurant

YEAR OF THE OX (12-02-2021 to 31-01-2022)

Traditionally, Chinese New Year celebration lasts for fifteen days.  Starting from the big family banquet on the Eve of New Year and ends with another party, the Lantern Festival.  This year the Lantern Festival falls on 26 February. 

The Chinese celebrate by eating and drinking.  (Lucky us!) 

More than 30% of annual alcoholic drinks, mainly "Bai Jiu" (distilled from grain), is consumed during this period.  Baijiu is also called "fire water" because the alcohol content is about 55-65%.

For people who were born in the years of OX (2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, 1937), the custom is  to wear something red (not pink, not purple) close to your body for the duration of the year.

When it is your year, you are more vulnerable and should protect yourself.

It is easy to do so.  Just wear red underwear for the whole year.

Red underwear also makes you happy.  Promise!

Stay well!

We use Mr D for delivery.

We are open for customer collection.

We are open for sit-down meals, please reserve a table as seating is limited.

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please try our new dish

Sichuan honeyed chicken wings

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Xiao Cai

Literally called "small dishes" - some hot, often served cold.


All of our noodles are fresh, made every day on our premises.

Dim Sum


Stir Fried



Our Story Begins In Taiwan

After running one of the best Chinese restaurants in Johannesburg for 26 years, Emma Chen decided to go back to her roots and serve food that she grew up with.  Her parents came from the North of China (while rice grows in the South.)  She was brought up on noodles and bread, instead of rice.

Other than the occasional wedding banquets that she and her whole family attended, most of the time they would frequent eateries which serve a few tapas type of dishes (literally called “small dishes”- some hot, often cold.) To her, these are the food for the people.

The abundant use of spring onion, coriander, garlic, chilli and Sichuan pepper corns in the Northern food means that dishes are strong in flavour, yet refreshing at the same time.



Emperor can wait, while you eat